Physics | Sound and WavesRIPPLE TANK - SIMPLE
PH 11040

This economy Ripple Tank System comes as a ready-to-use unit with no external power source required. Comprised of a tough, moulded frame with a large transparent viewing surface. The Ripple Tank light source is a 6V halogen lamp which gives excellent illumination. The tank has sloping sides which minimise noise. This Ripple Tank System comes complete with :

A.            Ripple tank

B.            4 Push-fit legs

C.            Ripple motor, eccentric cam mounted on ripple bar

D.            3 Support pillars for supporting the light source and rippler bar

E.            2 Motor support springs

F.            Lamp unit with adjustable arm

G.           2 Rippler bar hanging hooks

H.            Power source for ripple tank

I.             Hand stroboscope

J.             Concave perspex plate

K.            Rectangular perspex plate

L.             Curved reflector

M.          2 Barriers

N.           Roller Bar

O.           Neatly compartmentalized box