Physics | Sound and WavesRIPPLE TANK – STANDARD
PH 11043

Metal uprights are provided to carry a horizontal rippler support and which can be adjusted in height with the help of screws, easily and precisely. The rippler Assembly elastically suspended from the horizontal support rod, consists of a low voltage DC motor mounted on a wooden / plastic beam. The motor is fitted with an Eccentric mass, which causes beam to oscillate. Additional point contact sources are provided by two plastic spheres each mounted on a right angled metal shafts which when fitted to the beam, may be adjusted to required separation.

An adjustable rod fixes centrally into a socket in one side of the Frame and affords support for the illuminant.

A.            Ripple Tank

B.            Ripple Generator

C.            Plane Wave Actuator Bar

D.            Light Source and Cord

E.            Ripple Tank Optics: Large and 2 small rectangular barriers of Glass

F.            1 each of Concave Lens, Convex Lens, Triangular Prism and Curve Stainless Steel

G.           1 Hand Stroboscope, black disc with plastic handle.

H.            Power supply for Ripple Motor and Light Source

I.             1 sets of Metallic Rods and side screws for suspension of wave generator

J.             Roll for production of straight vibrators

K.            20pcs of Rubber Bands

L.             1 Foam piece.