Physics | Sound and WavesRIPPLE TANK – ADVANCED
PH 11045

The versatile apparatus is used for studying the concepts of wave motion and can be used as a demonstration model with an overhead projector. With four legs attached to the underside of the tank, it can also be used as a freestanding bench model. A gantry is supplied for supporting a motor beam the height of which is adjustable for best experimental observations and results. Ripples are produced by a small 3 to 4.5 V DC motor mounted on the plastic beam. A cam fitted to the motor spindle produces oscillations which leads to ripples in water in the tank. The complete set of apparatus comprises: 

A.            Ripple tank 45455cm (approx) (overall dimensions).

B.            Gantry complete with beam 4.5 V DC motor fittings.

C.            Screw in legs for bench mounting.

D.            Illuminant assembly with illuminant, support rods & bosses.

E.            Spherical dippers

F.            Glass plate and spacers for refractions.

G.           Dropper

H.            Suspension bands

I.             Leveling wedges

J.             Image Screen with Projection Mirror

K.            Power supply with 2 outputs – 12V AC for illuminant and 0-4.5V variable DC for rippler motor.

L.             Instruction Manual.